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In Support of Women


You might say ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it’? Well, because progress is always possible and things can always get better.  New materials, new methods of manufacture, new scientific methods of testing performance are constantly appearing and these challenge and inspire us to strive to better our designs.

The first bra design by Mary Phelps Jacob consisted of a couple of hankies sewn together, it wasn’t perfect but it was the idea that modern day bras stemmed from. Before that women were subjected to steel and whale bones digging into their skin to achieve the desired form. If Ms. Phelps Jacob had accepted the traditional underwear as expected, we would still be gasping for air now. However incredible it seems, the literal freedom of movement that her invention gave women had a direct effect on the symbolic freedom of movement that women later came to enjoy.

Each small step forward increased the freedom to move, to participate and to be independent. Wires were developed to give the structure and support that we have come to expect and that allow us to make a much wider size range. Other advances in fabric knitting to give stretch not available in natural fibres, foam cups to give a smooth line beneath clothing and advances into seam free edges have all benefitted from innovation and progress.

Our expertise lies in the structure.  We looked at why the traditional bra structure was failing us and what we discovered resulted in the evolution of a new concept of support, which doesn’t compromise comfort. We found that traditional bras were restricting our movement and this unnatural restriction causes discomfort, which is why bras are whipped off when women get home after a long day. So we released the tension in the band and freed the cups to separately support the natural breast movement.

Going back to Mary Phelps Jacob, we have endeavoured to lift restrictions, to embody comfort and to respect the advancement and beauty of the female form.

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