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Embrace Lingerie Fitting Guide


Comfort comes from a great fit!

Embrace patent pending support sits under the breasts and stays in place because we’ve engineered our bras, camisoles and chemises so that the support is separate from the cups. This means that when you lift your arms to close a car boot, or run after your dog, or lift your baby or carry a heavy bag that your bra can move with you but your support doesn’t move out of place.





Unique to Embrace, ‘Comfort me’™ is a floating under breast support that sits all along and under the breasts to anchor your bra in place and to give you a youthful shape. This makes the best of your natural shape; it enhances and lifts but doesn’t push or contort your breasts, so it’s comfortable and healthy. ‘Comfort me’™ support also comes with the added bonus of a convertible cup system, giving you the choice to wear your bra with or without a wire.

‘Comfort Me’™ support is available in our Essential Embrace styles: including our Twin Support T Shirt Bra and our ‘Comfort Crossover Bra’.

Embrace Lingerie Comfort Me fitting


Unique to Embrace, the Slimming Embrace range comes with ‘Surprise me’™ support. This support shapes and lifts breasts, to give a natural, fuller look. Comfortable and with added side breast support this contains breasts without restriction. Available in The Embrace Slim support Bra, Slimming Camisole and Dreamshaping Chemise, ‘Surprise me’™ support allows you to wear garments without back closure, so Camisoles and Chemises have no hook and eye and are perfectly smooth from behind. Ideal for slim fitting dresses and knits and suitable both for underclothing and sleeping. This built in support means that no bra is necessary as support is built in and not only that, it also features a removable wire, so support can be converted from wired to soft cup.

‘Surprise Me’™ support is available in our Slimming Embrace styles: including our Slim Support Bra, Slimming Camisole and Dreamshaping Chemise.

Embrace Fitting Guide - Surprise me



Unique to Embrace, the ‘With or Without me’™ convertible cup system allows support to be worn as an underwire or soft cup option. This means that you choose how you want to wear your support on a daily or even hourly basis. 

As wires can be removed for washing, the garment life is extended and wires won’t pierce through fabric unexpectedly, it is also a sure fire solution to avoid the embarrassment of sounding alarms at airport security!

It is important for your comfort and safety that the following guidelines on the wire removal, insertion and storage are strictly followed. 

Wires have one side colour marked at the tip end, so wires need to be inserted back into the wire channel colour tip first to get the fit right. Remember to always remove wires before washing and replace when the garment is dry, colour tip first. 

It is important to always check that wires are enclosed within the underarm wire pockets when worn, these are specially padded for your comfort and to protect wire poke through. We advise that prior to putting on a garment that the wires are checked to ensure that they are securely encased in the fabric pockets and once again once the garment is on the body. This way your comfort is ensured and you will forget you are even wearing a bra. Please also remember that if you choose to wear your support wire free to always store your wires carefully and keep out of reach of children and animals


Embrace Lingerie Removable wire






Due to our unique construction, Embrace bras are made to be comfortable, so they have a unique fit. The fit is determined by the inner support. The inner support needs to sit comfortably and snugly all around and under the breasts. The centre tongue of the inner support should sit flush between the breasts but the outer bra does not have to sit back as far to ensure a perfect fit, because the outer bra has been adapted as a comfortable secondary support. 

Slimming Camisoles and Dreamshaping Chemise styles have no back closure so they are pulled over the head and fit is secured by the flexifit back. It is important that these are a snug fit and once on the body, breasts should be lifted and placed into the ‘Surprise me’ support for optimal comfort and shape. 

Embrace Slimming Leggings and briefs are made with breathable, two way stretch fabrics for your comfort. Each size fits across two standard measurements, please see size table below. High waist styles are finished with a silicone band to keep fit in place, it is important not to use powders or creams on the body where this band sits as it will reduce its grip. If you find that the silicone is losing its hold we advise that you dampen the silicone layer to reactivate the grip. All briefs are finished with an invisible edge, so lines are smooth, comfortable and invisible under clothing.

Embrace bras have generous cup sizes so they comfortably fit the fullest cup measurements in each size. Our research has shown that breasts can increase in size by up to 20% over the course of the month, so you may find that on fuller days it is more comfortable to wear your bra wire free. Many women find that they need to have bras of two different sizes to accommodate breast size fluctuations, however with Embrace floating support there is room for expansion and stretch fabrics leave room for breasts to expand. All of our fabrics have a two way stretch and as support is independent; our bras have a more flexible fit.




To maintain the highest level of comfort, best fit and most attractive line we suggest that our customer be fitted every 6 months. If time doesn’t allow for this please see our guidelines below that indicate the most common fitting issues:


When buying a new bra it should be fit to the outer bra hook. This is because elastics in the back band stretch and give a little over time due to washing and wear, so by starting on the outer hook, as your bra stretches, you have the possibility to move to an inner hook to maintain the correct fit. 



Bras and built in support should fit snugly, but not too tight as to create an indent in the skin. A good rule to follow is to see that you have the space to run your finger along the bra band and also check that the band follows a straight line around the body and doesn’t dip or lift at any point. Our bras run from a 30 to a 40 back. For International sizing please see the table below.



It is really important that you find your correct cup size as even an average size 34D weighs over a kilo and this needs support. Your breasts should completely fill the cup without gaping edges at the top of the bra, which indicate that you may need to go down a cup size. Cups should also encase breasts without breast spillage or bulging over the cup top or at the underarm, which indicate that you may need to size up. Embrace cup sizes are listed as A,B,C,D,DD & E. As our styles are made in Italy we use Italian size measurements which means that cup sizing is a little larger than the UK size equivalent in smaller cups, to work out your size please see the table attached. 



Our Essential and Slimming Embrace bra straps are covered for your extra comfort. Straps should not be used as the primary support of breast weight as this can result in back and neck strain, instead, they should be placed comfortably on shoulders to position the bra. Use the straps to adjust and tighten, but be careful not to shorten the straps too much as this could cause the bra to raise and curve at the back band. 


To maintain the fit, comfort and appearance of your lingerie please do not bleach, iron, machine wash, dry clean or tumble dry your garments. We recommend handwashing to prolong the life of the garment. 



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