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A little about Embrace Lingerie

About Embrace Lingerie



Embrace® lingerie, Works by the credo of Invent, Innovate, Improve, with the belief that the eye must love and the body must embrace. We have developed our Lingerie to offer comfort, support and structure through our patented hidden support and to offer you an entirely new product concept. Our patent pending Internal Support Evolution (ISE)™ offers unique cup sized breast support solutions. Our ISE™ works across favorite bra styles and within tops, camisoles, nightwear, lace, bridal and shapewear ranges.

We constantly strive to find solutions to improved fit, enhanced comfort and simplicity of function. We look for the most innovative and advanced fabric developments. We use French Spanish & Italian fabrics, Lace and Embroidery. Embrace® Lingerie, bodywear and prints are designed in Ireland and then printed and made in Italy.

Winners of ‘the most creative design’ at Mode City, Paris 2011, Embrace® constantly strive to offer comfort, support and cutting edge design and through our Patented Inner supports we present an entirely new product concept.

Embrace® is an Irish Brand, based in Connemara, in the West of Ireland and true to our heritage we endeavour to be open and approachable. From beginnings, licensing our Patented Lingerie Inventions to major European and US Brands, we have organically evolved into a Brand out of a desire to show our vision of how our Inventions can be incorporated into beautiful, comfortable and desirable Lingerie.

Embrace® offer the comfort of a soft cup bra with the support of a wire. Our support is so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing a bra.

We offer tops, bodies, camisoles and nightwear where you choose the support you want. Select from the simple positioning support of ‘free me’ to stop garment lift and drag in movement. Or why not choose ‘comfort me’™, for positioning and under breast support, reducing back and neck strain by supporting breasts from beneath.

‘Surprise me’™ offers a plunge effect without restricting the breasts, so it’s a comfortable and healthy way to achieve lift and shape. Finally ‘Support me’™ offers full cover support under tops and bodies. So no need to wear a bra, it’s all built in.

The beauty of our ISE™ is that not only are there comfort and health benefits, but there are style benefits too. No more double straps under tops, with support built in, no bra is necessary. Removable wire options to convert a wire to a soft cup bra, for personal choice, sleeping support, long distance travel, ease of washing and even airport security, having the option to remove your wire gives you the freedom to decide.

The freedom of movement is revolutionary; you’ll wonder how you ever survived before. Reaching up to close the car boot, lifting a baby, even waving can cause a conventional bra to slide up and rest on the lower breast and consequently straps to slip off the shoulder. With the ISE™, say goodbye to bras riding up, straps slipping and bodies dragging. The floating ISE™ maintains support. Reach, stretch, do yoga, your breast support is constant and your comfort is guaranteed.


The Embrace® ISE™ was voted one of the top three Product Innovations of 2012 at the Irish times Intertrade Ireland Innovation Awards.

With Luxurious Fabrics, Elegant Designs and Technical Innovation, Embrace® offers a unique combination of desirability, where beauty coexists with comfort and offers the possibility for each woman to look and feel beautiful, desirable and confident.

We hope to impress with the fit, relieve with the comfort and attract with our visually sumptuous and tactile Designs.



Embrace® the Elegance and Discover What Lies Beneath™

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