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Why we should Embrace Christmas?




Why we should Embrace Christmas?

For me Christmas is all about generosity; generosity of spirit, giving time, love and sharing thoughtful gifts.  Listening and knowing what a loved one really needs or desires, giving something that breaks a smile, expresses a shared secret, raises a laugh, raises an eyebrow and raises spirits.

It’s a time for family to get together, to have no other obligation but to look each other in the face and drink in each squeal of laughter or seasoned line that maps the experience of a lifetime.

Yes, there should be basted birds and crackling fires, trees with mementoes reminding us of Christmases past, choirs and angels overlooking family games and toes curled as a head rests on a familiar shoulder. Hot port, cinnamon, star anise and cloves slightly past their sell by date, gingerbread families and a carrot half eaten by a ravenous reindeer.

Christmas is a time for memories and missing special people who made your Christmas past, but it’s also a time to create memories that will endure into Christmas future.

I take a moment to think of my family, some here sharing my experience, some abroad with traditions of their own, some departed creating what I can only imagine.

I like to imagine it this way (my universe, so I take full liberty to suspend disbelief): tables of inspiring, humorous salient minds sit chatting over dishes of ambrosia and angel hair pasta,Crosby croons, Wilde muses and Dickens walks in to groans of ‘not again’. Artists catch likenesses, but all have similar clouded backdrops, with the odd dead pheasant thrown in for good measure. St Nicholas sits at the head of the table, dressed in traditional white and refuses to drink coke to avoid confusion.  Among the furore, our loved ones sit mixing with the greats and pulling crackers with luminaries - and each time one snaps, a flicker of love is released into the hearts of those they left behind...

I know this post should somehow relate to lingerie, so I suppose my tentative link is simply to say we are what cannot always be seen, support is never overrated and what truly matters is what lies beneath.

Happy Christmas,

Love, Embrace

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