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Homage to my mother



There are times in our lives when we look to our moms, moments of sadness and disappointment, joy and achievement. When things go wrong we often blame them, but, when things go well, we want to share with the person who cares the most.

We know that at these great moments they will understand our pride is not arrogance, our satisfaction is not conceit and our success is not begrudged. They know us for what we are and what we strive to be, because so much of this is owed to them.

My mother, rita mccall taught me to have courage, to be tenatious, to look for solutions, to be positive, and to follow my dreams. My one prevailing image of her is with her arms wide open, waiting to embrace me, in achievement and failure, coming home and saying goodbye. She gave the best hugs. Her heart was in every atom of her being and when she held me i was safe and all was well.

So embrace your moms, appreciate them, love them and if your mom has moved on as mine has, embrace their memory and share the love.



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