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We started embrace with a concept, answering the question to: why can’t we wait to get home and take our bra off?

Why, when you’ve gone to the trouble of being fitted, can a perfectly well fitting garment move out of place during the day and end up digging in, slipping off and sliding down?

What we found was that newton had it right all along, to have balance in a body, it must remain at rest. So we thought, how can an active woman have balance in her clothing?

Our solution was to attach a soft ‘anchor’ support to the inner bra that does remain at rest. Then we borrowed from structural and mechanical engineering to establish where to attach our ‘anchor’, now remamed ‘internal support system’or iss™, without creating tension to pull it out of place when body movement was applied.

With the science out of the way, the next steps were comfort, practicality, shape and fit. We wanted you to have it all, so we created a selection of shapes following the natural curvature of the breasts to lift and enhance breasts.

We searched for fabrics to compliment our support and we set out to design styles that would work for your lifestyle. One friend hated how her bra straps showed under her camisole, another wanted knickers that didn’t roll down, no matter what their size, friends all wanted to eliminate cellulite and many dreamed of a miracle slimming solution.

Everyone was busy and put themselves in second place to work, partners, kids and life. Time was the most important element, gyms. Lotions and healthy eating plans were cyclical; a few months of sheer dedication and then something would break the plan and good intentions. So we thought we need to make it easy.



The answer was multitasking garments for multitasking women.

So we created breast support that could be worn with or without a wire. Camisoles, that had built in support and could fight cellulite. High waist leggings, that moisturise and slim and chemises with skin treatments built in. So, at the end of the day, if all else was lost you could, ‘slim in your sleep’™ and wake up to the reality of your dreams.

Finally, we thought as women we want to look well, feel confident and be desirable, so we added the finishing touch, exclusive, elegant prints to give you a choice beyond nude.


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