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Through the window



What we see when we look through our windows has such an influence on our emotions. It can lift us or flatten us, give us hope or despair. Looking out today i can see a silver glisten of sunlight on the ocean, framed by green and dotted with dry stone walls. It’s beautiful. The sunlight hits the clouds and backlights them. Today would be a good day to choose colour, to see varients in black raised by blue, green and red. Today we could match colour in sunlight without the yellow burn of tungsten.

We see light differently north and south and so colours are perceived literally in a different light. That’s why we can feel dull arriving on summer days to mediteranean coasts and why we do a double take at southern europeans on our city’s streets, in mustards, rusts and pinks. We don’t look so very different, but much of it is the light, how colours are perceived at home is often quite different when lit abroad.

I wonder if in cosmopolitan cities like new york if it’s as easy to play spot the tourist? In new york recently, i was in awe as always by the majetsty of the city, the familiarity of location, with every corner a recognisible film set and the wonderful mix of cultures all with equal right to claim heritage. As much as colour is an element of expression and individualism in london, in new york it seems more a reflection of identity. So i wonder where the balance lies how much of colour is influenced by who we are and how much by where we are?


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