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What is the ISE?

ISS Support


With the word ‘Innovation’ being used so loosely to describe everything from design to marketing, it is hard to distinguish what true innovation actually is.

At Embrace®, we believe that true innovation has to be truly original. As a guarantee of the originality of our concepts, Embrace have a portfolio of granted Patents and PCT’s pending worldwide, which prove and protect our innovative technology.

Our ‘Internal Support Evolution™or ISE™ is patented. It offers floating, cup sized invisible support. The ISE™ is particularly effective in tops, bodies, dresses and nightwear where hidden support is desired.

The original idea for the ISE™ was born out of frustration. Seeing long line garments sitting beneath the breast, we cut the fabric to release the tension. From this first incision we created our first ‘free me’™ version, which eliminated garment drag and retained the fit of the under breast circumference. Over the last three years we have developed the ISE™ to work both on the circumference and volume of the breast, giving uncompromised breast support and freedom of movement.

The concept behind the ISE™ is the separation of downward compression of breast weight from the horizontal tension of the bra band. ISE™ support is attached at the three fulcrum points of zero tension, which allows the bra to move with the body whilst the under breast support remains in place. In a conventional bra there is a single structure which is fitted on a static body. When movement is applied, even to reach or stretch the entire bra including breast support follows, lifting the wire higher on the breast. When the arm is lowered the bra will have displaced, compromising band support and leading to falling straps.

Similarly, if wearing a body or slip, when seated the breast support can slip south and rest on the rib cage, leading to discomfort and compromised support. With the ISE™, the fabric moves, but as the support is hinged at the three fulcrum points, it remains in place. Think of different body widths and heights using the same body. A longer torso will find the wire sitting below the desired under breast placement. With the ISE™ support fits directly under breast and is not subject to garment back pull.

Our research has shown that women’s breasts can alter in size by 20% over the course of a month and that one of the main causes of breast cancer is the blockage of lymph node drainage through the use of restrictive, badly fitting bras. Embrace’s patented ISE™ technology promotes breast health, facilitates garment versatility and allows freedom of movement.

Embrace® ISE™ patented innovation was voted one of the top three Product Innovations at the 2012 Irish Times Intertrade Ireland National Innovation Awards.

As winners of the most Creative Design Award at Mode City Paris, 2011, design is obviously at the heart of embrace but comfort is a given. Comfort benefits of the ISE™ include:

  • No more visible bra straps under tops
  • No need to go strapless: our tops, bodies and nightwear have built in support.
  • Say goodbye to bras riding up and body wires slipping down

if you don’t like a wire slip it out, our garments come with a patented removable wire system giving your customers the option to wear a soft or wired bra.

Embrace® Beautiful, Innovative Design, working with you and working for you.

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